On another thread several folks were talking about website. I’d like to use this thread to stop derailing the main conversation (my fault) .

For those who don’t know - is also open source and available on github. Right now, I’ve been working on it pretty much solo but it’s totally open for contribution.

@dawnfoster @ralph @lornajane - let’s talk here.


@searchymcsearchface I’m working on client code generation and I would like to link the documentation to the site.
Do you have an ETA on doc REST API moving from OpenDistro to OpenSearch?

Sadly, I don’t. Documentation was originally slated for next week, but I’m not optimistic about that.

OK - I added a few issues: adding a FAQ, adding a partner page, and fixing the confusing colour scss.

@dawnfoster @lornajane @horovits I would love some help if you can contribute.

@aparo, I am curious which client you are working on? As we expect the OpenSearch and Elasticsearch APIs to drift apart over time, we have already started a rework of go-elasticsearch to go-opensearch.


I’m working on Scala ad Python.
The actual Python is not typed.
I had created a scala one in zio-elasticsearch, but I want have a full typed generated by ES specification.

FWIW I intend to update the Scala client I maintain to support opensearch once things have settled down a bit more.


@sksamuel That’s awesome. Let me know if I help in any way with your client.