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depending on the client, we have to work for more or less secured environement, with or wihtout access to the net, hence the opensearch documentation.

Would it be possible to make the documentation fully accessible in an offline/stand-alone installation, in opensearch-dashboards ? Thanks.
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Hey so documentation is not available at the moment within dashboards but I can share that it is available as a repo to be downloaded and run offline.

It is built with Jekyll so if your client wants they can distribute it and have it running within their infrastructure. It would be a bit challenging to distribute it with dashboards as it has lots of imagery and is running using an mechanism that is not currently supported within dashboards.

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Okay so just brought this up in the community meeting today as well and seems there is some work being done here. If you go to the following link in the “Enter PPL Query” box there is a little thing to the side that says “PPL”. If you click that it does a fly-out with documentation. We are putting an issue together to start expanding that more so that there can be documentation available from several places within the UI.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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Hello and thank you for your reply and speaking about it during the community meeting.

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