Are the OpenSearch docs complete?

A newbie here. I’ve been skimming the OpenSearch docs to familiarize myself with all the features ahead of an upcoming project. I noted that the docs indicate that OpenSearch is API compatible with ES versions up to 7.10 (I know some older versions are not supported). However, when I popped over to view the ES docs for version 7, I found quite a bit more information, particularly in the mappings section.

My assumption is that OpenSearch supports all of those field mappings but it is not documented. Is that accurate? If so, is it safe to follow the ES 7.10 docs? What has changed? Do more complete docs exist for OpenSearch that I am not seeing?


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Yes, you are safe by following the ES document in 7.10.
This is an open-source project so you can contribute to this when you have free time.


Good to know. Thanks for your reply.

You’re not wrong, @seeker136 - I’ve filed the following two issues recently as I’ve noticed a slight gap myself:

Our public github for the documentation website is here:

If there are other gaps where you’re not finding what you’re looking for, this is exactly where to get involved. Even if you don’t have time to contribute code or documentation, even just filing the issue helps everyone. Someone will inevitably see it and think, “Hey, I want that too!”

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