Connecting to ElasticSearch from OpenSearch Dashboards

The long-term goal is to switch to OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashbaords from ElasticSearch and Kibana completely, but in the short term I tried using OpenSearch Dashboards as a drop-in replacement for Kibana, with the following results. Could someone please advise if what I am trying to do is possible?

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2022-02-04T00:01:33Z","tags":["error","savedobjects-service"],"pid":1,"message":"This version of OpenSearch Dashboards (v1.2.0) is incompatible with the following OpenSearch nodes in your cluster: v6.2.4 @ (, v6.2.4 @ (, v6.2.4 @ (, v6.2.4 @ (, v6.2.4 @ ("}

Hi @aschofie - I couldn’t help but notice the large version disparity between the data nodes and the dashboard node. It might just be too far of a leap. OpenSearch was created after ElasticSEarch had reached version 7.10 - you may want to upgrade your nodes and try again.

Thanks for the reply @nateynate , but I do not believe 6.x vs 7.x would have made a difference; it appears as though OpenSearch dashboards are locked into OpenSearch’s 1.x scheme and won’t accept anything else. I ended up just discarding the ES cluster and moving to an AWS-managed OpenSearch cluster.

I’m glad you were able to find at least a workaround. Sorry I wasn’t of more immediate help.