Exporting dashboards from elastic to opensearch

Hi all,

Is there a possibility or a way to export dashboards from elastic to opensearch.

If so, how ?

Hi Sandy, OpenSearch Dashboards supports migration from elastic v7.10.2 to 6.8. Migration from elastic to opensearch could be very easy. Just need to double check your version and also make sure no x-pack features. All the saved objects should be in /kibana/data. When you run kibana, make sure all discover, visualizations, indices run well. Copy your data folder out. Then you can close elasticsearch & kibana. Download opensearch & opensearch-dashboards. Copy that saved data folder to /opensearch-dashboards. Start OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. Check whether indices are saved. Go to Visualization and check if all saved visualizations work well. Navigate to Dashboard and try some filters and queries. Play with the new Dashboards and have fun. Here is an GitHub issue with steps to migrate from elastic to opensearch using docker (Support restart upgrades to OpenSearch Dashboards 1.0 from Kibana v7.10.x · Issue #334 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub).

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