Configuration options

Is there a way to get a list of all available configuration options for OpenSearch and OpenSearch-Dashboards?


This is a very important question. It is crucial to have full, reliable reference of possible configuration options. There is no answer yet and I just want to support the author of the thread.

The configuration section of the documentation is very shallow. It mentions openserach.yml examples, but the example shipped with the docker image cannot be used as a reference, as it contains very few basic options + bunch of ssl options.

Without this reference, adopting OpenSearch would be very hard. I know that OpenSearch was forked from ElasticSeach, but using their documentation in this regard would be a very bad practice.

If there is no reference for the possible options (which I’m afraid is the case, but correct me if I’m
wrong), are there any plans in the near future to provide such reference?

there are tickets to add the documentation, based on the tags it should happen in Q4:

Thank you @ralph for putting more light on this topic.
I really appreciate the links to the related tickets.