New documentation home page design - request for feedback

Hi all, we’ve recently updated our documentation home page and are looking for feedback. We’ve separated the Data Prepper, OpenSearch Benchmark, and Clients content from OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards because their content follows a different versioning sequence. For this initial iteration, we wanted to keep it simple by presenting the four options. But we want to know what you think: is there information that we should include on the home page that would make it easier to find what you’re looking for? Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks, OpenSearch Documentation

Link to home page: Home - OpenSearch Documentation

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i would like an easy way to get between the two sites. for example, a search bar that will move to the original page.

to clarify, is this what you’re recommending? a search bar that would be accessible across both the .org and the docs site, but also bread-crumb so you know where the results are coming from.

the page Heather presented at the meeting leads directly to the docs. bot only certain ones.
I propose that it also have a search bar that allows me to search for the card that im missing, and it would lead to the current documentation.
the reason is that you can then ensure flow from the new page to the old, and also gather metrics on what cards people would like to have there / create them as a “most recently viewed” cards + new features cards.

the “Explore OpenSearch documentation” part can have a search bar next to it since it prompts you to explore. I like the way it is set up it took my attention away from the “search anything” search bar at the top right. Though, this made me feel lost for a moment when searching for other documentation.

I think you are suggesting that we have a search bar only for the documentation? The way search is set up now, it spans the entire site, and the user cannot select what they want to search: docs, blogs, forum, etc. It’s a limitation in our current implementation. We have been talking about this a lot, though, and may already have an issue open for it on the project-website repo.

Sorry for the delayed reply
Yes a search for docs separated from the whole site