Opensearch Dashboard inbuilt plugin repository for offline install


Is there any repo for opensearch dashboards plugin zip files or the plugin files directly as well as it is not mentioned in the documentation Managing OpenSearch Dashboards plugins - OpenSearch Documentation ? Or it does not support offline install of the plugins?

Thanks in advance !

Hey @viv123 ,

You need to use the following command:
./opensearch-dashboards-plugin install file:///<path-to-the-plugin>/<plugin-name>.zip

I have found an example in the following Docker file:

It works in my lab.

Thanks @Eugene7 for explaining!!
Actually I was seeking for any reference of repository of OSD available plugins from where I can download the .zip of plugins individually.
Something similar is available for OpenSearch inbuilt plugins here but I could not find similar repo for Dashboards.

Hi @viv123 ,

One of the ways you can download the default OpenSearch Dashboard plugins is by using the following URL. It’s not the official way to download plugins, but it works well in my lab.<version>/latest/linux/x64/tar/builds/opensearch-dashboards/plugins/<the-plugin-name-in-lower-camel-case>-<version>.zip

For example:

Thanks @Eugene7 for the response!!
The URL you shared is working for me too :slight_smile: