How to install additional plugins

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser): 2.3.0

Describe the issue: Hi, we’re running an air-gapped instance of Opensearch for quite a while now and all is fine. We even installed prometheus-exporter plugin. But now I would need the mapper-size plugin. Which woule be fine if there wasn’t the issue it has to be installed air-gapped. So I was spending last 3 hours trying to find a location to download this official plugin but I can’t find something else than a jar from maven which I can’t install when pointing opensearch-plugin to the jarfile. There seems to be no documentation at all and due to ancient technologies here I can’t go ahead and use a custom made docker container.

Anyone has some hints for me?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

You can build the zip file of that plugin from the source code:

  1. clone OpenSearch github repo:GitHub - opensearch-project/OpenSearch: 🔎 Open source distributed and RESTful search engine.
  2. checkout the 2.3 branch
  3. go to the sub-directory plugins/mapper-size, run ../../gradlew assemble, then you can get the zip file in the sub-directory build/distributions.

Awesome, that did the trick. Thank you very much