OpenSearch does not yet support well on plugin installation?

I tried to install additional plugins from command prompt, and think OpenSearch did not well on plugin installation. How would you guys think of? Since i can’t install any plugins to OpenSearch.

Please see the end of the tutorial @amitai did showing install/uninstall procedures.

Taking the Leap: My First Steps in OpenSearch Plugins |

It works for sure on OpenSearch.

thank you for showing the blog
i did read and know that it needs when you want to build the plugin as well
for those existing plugin like “repository-s3” that i want to install but always has error

I suggest opening an issue with the details of your problem in Github and it will be answered. You haven’t given any information aside from “has error” which is not very helpful in debugging your problem.

I opened it 2 days ago:
Can you please have a look at it ?


Here is the doc we put in to help with instructions on installing…

But for this problem, seems like the s3 plugin is not independently released which is why its failing to download the artifact.

Hi dear team, I have the same issue while I want to install discovery-gce
Should I use the procedure here : opensearch-plugins/ at main · opensearch-project/opensearch-plugins · GitHub
Isn’t there an easier way to install plugins as I want to do it automatically in my code?
/etc/opensearch/bin/opensearch-plugin install --batch discovery-gce

@maziar110 the core plugins are do not have hosted artifacts. Which is why you cannot install them seamlessly today. Team is working on it:

For now you can build the plugin from source and install it.

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(Just posting for those of you who still want to use this before version 1.1)

If you wish to do this in a docker you can use this Dockerfile:

FROM opensearchproject/opensearch:1.0.0
USER root
ADD /usr
RUN chown -R opensearch:opensearch /usr/
USER opensearch:opensearch
RUN /usr/share/opensearch/bin/opensearch-plugin install --batch file:///usr/

Then run

docker build --tag=opensearch-with-s3-plugin .

And of course, use opensearch-with-s3-plugin in your docker-compose.yml.

Issue is → This repository is private and we cannot access it:
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 403 Forbidden

If you want customers to use this repository you have to make it public lol…

Hi @hajdi !
I am not an AWS employee, I accessed this artifact without any issues.
However, this is an outdated topic - you may use OpenSearch v1.1.0 and s3 plugin should work fine without the workaround :partying_face:

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Amitai is correct, thanks!

Note that S3 returns a 403 when a file doesn’t exist and the requester doesn’t have permission to list the bucket contents, which may be confusing - this is not a permissions problem. We published the native plugins in 1.1.0 (see Release Native Plugins for 1.1.0 on S3 Production Bucket · Issue #686 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub).