Discussion on Meta Stack Overflow about OpenSearch

I noticed this discussion on Stack Overflow about the overlapping ‘OpenSearch’ from olden days to this project. The general consensus there is something needs to be done to create separate tags for the two different topics. If anyone has feelings on the topic for how they should handle tags on OpenSearch, now would be a good time to voice them. The current high voted solution is to make the ‘original’ into opensearch-original-2005 and this project opensearch-elasticsearch-2021, which does not exactly fly off the tongue in my opinion. This group may have some better suggestions since you all have been around it longer, obviously.

Wow - thanks for bringing this up @justme. I really don’t want it to be amazon-opensearch.

I’ve responded with my answer - vote up if you agree.


Getting close! Just need a couple people to vote down amazon-opensearch and up yours. Should also probably vote up the question to make sure it stays on the top and gets views. It seems your suggestion is getting adopted quickly, even if it made it later to the party.

:crossed_fingers: I let folks inside Amazon know.

I also got support from the originator of the 2005 OpenSearch https://twitter.com/dewitt/status/1421198167941419013

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