Create Maps on Opendistro

Hello, everyone

I’m trying to put a region map into my dashboards (This one: click_that_hood/brazil-states.geojson at main · codeforgermany/click_that_hood · GitHub). But I cannot see any option to add a geojson. Apparently, I need to add a WMS server, but this feature is not working for me (And I’m not the only user with this problem, as I could see at Problems creating coordinate maps). Any ideas to solve this?

Hi @italosilva ,

There are two kinds of data that are associated with region maps.

  1. Tiles (image)
  2. Geojson (join your dataset with GeoJSON.)

To load Tiles, you can either upgrade to OpenSearch or use some of the WMS that are suggested here.

To include your own Geojson, you can include this setting (map.regionmap.layers.url) in your kibana/dashboard settings. Please check here for more information regarding region map settings,

Worked! I don’t know how, exactly, but I made it work. Thanks!