Region map visualization does not loading initially

Version : opensearch dashboards 2.3.0

The region map does not load fully in the initial view. Initially, the region map dashboard is shown grey without loading any data in it as shown in the image below:

Once page is reloaded or refresh button is clicked or zoom in/zoom out is clicked or the map is moved( any action on the page), it loads the data.

The issue is that the opensearch dashboards is not able to load region map in the first attempt.

Please let know your inputs on this and when this will be fixed.

@Sinchana I’ve used OpenSearch Dashboards 2.3.0 and Web Traffic sample data with Region Map.

I had no issues with loading the Region Map the first time through Dashboards and directly through visualisation.

I’ve tested with Chrome and Firefox in private mode. Have you tried a different browser or clearing the cookies in your current one?