Zooming in Region Maps changes text in tooltip

Observed in OpenSearch 2.5.0
Also reproduced in 2.8.0 (https://playground.opensearch.org/app/home)
Browser: Chrome

In a Region Map visualisation created based on geoip country code, when we hover over a highlighted country, the tooltip displays labels and values of the chosen metric and the country. But when we zoom into the map, the text in the tooltip changes - labels disappear and only the value of the metric remains. The tooltip remains like this even when we zoom out back to the original level.

Create a Region Map visualisation which buckets the data based on geoip country code. (can refer to the screenshots)

Relevant Screenshots:

I created an issue for this: [BUG] Tooltips contain invalid content after interacting with the map. · Issue #454 · opensearch-project/dashboards-maps · GitHub