Xpack feature for opensearch and OpenSearch dashboards

Hi Team,
we are using OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards in our environment. I would like to know that is **xpack or readymade templates available for opensearch/opensearch dashboards for metric data **.If it is available please share the document.

Hi Team,

Could someone please help on this.

Hi @opensearch!

I’m afraid that the X-Pack features are a closed source Elastic EULA covered set of features (meaning you can read the source, but won’t be allowed to use it without paying licensing fees.) I’m not saying someone hasn’t implemented the template you’re looking for, but I’m sure you can’t be the only one who is looking for some equivalent of this. If you could file a feature request in the OpenSearchProject github repo describing what you’re looking for, I’m sure it would bring in other people looking for the same thing.

I’m sure someone else might have some advice for you here. I’ll try to get some attention here from some of my coworkers.