X-pack monitoring in OpenDistro for Elasticsearch


Can I use monitoring of x-pack features on OpenDistro for Elasticsearch & Kibana?
I want to monitor full-stack using kibana dashboard just like Monitoring settings in Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

And I tried to install x-pack plugin using “bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack” command it failed. The error message is “Error X-Pack is not available with oss distribution; to use X-Pack
features use the default distrbution”

If install x-pack monitoring features is not available in opendistfo for elasticsearch
there is any solutions for full stack (beats, logstash, kibana, es clusters) monitoring?


Is this X-Pack feature is free? You can find some information here - Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic. If it is free and if not, how much it cost.

Error message says that you are trying to install a X-Pack functionality which is compatible with the non-OSS version of Elasticsearch only.

In case you want to install it with Open Distro you can find some information in the following topic - Incompatibility with xpack plugins

Also, some information for the reading - Enable xpack features on Open Distro For Elasticsearch

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: