How to monitor opendistro ES cluster without xpack and within kibana

Hi All,
I have installed opendistro for ES on vmware with RPM packages, currently we are in UAT now. I have created Dev, SIT and UAT environments for elastic search for our customer. everything is done but i am still facing to setup this monitoring solution for opendistro cluster. kibana is installed and ready for working, but only problem with shipping and monitor cluster.

I have tried with metric beat/x-pack but did not work as x-pack is not compatible to the opendistro, also getting errors while installing the plugins.
also i have tried marvel, but didn’t work as plugin is not supporting.
I think filebeat only work for logging not for cluster monitor. so could anyone suggest me which process i have to follow to setup monitoring. or if any free tools availble.

there is a long discussion about monitoring on Cluster monitoring
Please read it.

I personally still use vvanhole plugin (still on OpenDistro): GitHub - vvanholl/elasticsearch-prometheus-exporter: Prometheus exporter plugin for Elasticsearch

  • prometheus +grafana (there is a dashboard somewhere in the code).

There is a fork for OpenSearch: GitHub - aparo/opensearch-prometheus-exporter: OpenSearch Prometheus Exporter (fork of

I know it’s different from the internal monitor screen from Elastic, but I like prometheus for monioring. Including monitoring OpenSearch.

You can use oss beats and ingest into the cluster and create your own alerts and dashboards in kibana. Alternatively create a monitoring cluster and send all beats from your environments into there and create your dashboards and alerts for all clusters.