Opensearch Dashboard Lens visualisation

Hello, I have installed latest version of Opensearch Dashboards, I cant find “Lens” visualisation there, not available?

Lens is part of x-pack which is not open source and never has been. You must accept the Elastic license which has it’s own set of issues for many organizations.

The OpenSearch Dashboards team has made improvements to what was once Kibana such as drag and drop and other capabilities. There will be a lot of new things coming this year too.

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Well got you, but overall lens features of xpack is free yes? for regular users

Free and open source are two different things. Yes the elastic license is free, but you are accepting many terms which may conflict with your use or business model requiring you to pay for the license or face lawsuits for license violations. The use of open source software, especially Apache licensed software is completely open for you to do what you want with it. This is why OpenSearch was created and this is why most businesses leverage open source licensed software when they can.

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This response has a lot of FUD. I agree free and open are different than OSS but the license for Elastic is straightforward. For transparency we use both Elastic and OpenSearch in my organization.