Windows Installation

Do you anticipate that Open Search will eventually have a EXE or ZIP installation for Windows similar to OpenDistro?

If you need it, we/you/us can build it. I found [Meta] OpenSearch / OpenSearch Dashboards - Windows distribution (X64) · Issue #33 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub already open for this, please add your +1.

Stepping back I think it would be cool if someone built a windows installer (MSI) for OpenSearch using wix. We could probably end up adopting that in the official build train, that would sign and distribute the output.

To reinforce what @dblock said, all I’ve heard is that OpenSearch will follow the same pattern of artifacts as Open Distro. So, I would expect EXE and ZIP. However, the official artifact isn’t due until OpenSearch 1.2 (slated for October, but these things came move a round a bit).

Hello, we would also be interested in an installable Windows version or instructions on how to get this working on Windows. We were about to implement this tech into a project and then saw the lic change and fork. We are eager to get onto the forked version and get something into prod. Thank you for reading this.

You have a few options currently:

  1. Run it in docker
  2. Try to run it in WSL using the linux artifacts (should be possible, but not tested)
  3. Wait for the official windows artifacts in 1.2

With option 3 you should understand that Windows will likely be a non-production release.

Coincidentally, if you do go with the WSL route, you should write it up and share that knowledge - it would make a great blog post!

I was a big fan of the Windows installer for Open Distro. I enjoyed being able to fire up a node on my laptop for quick proofs-of-concept or demos.

Everything except the K-NN plugin and the Performance Analyzer app run in the JVM, so you could in theory run OpenSearch 1.0 on Windows today by skipping those and providing your own JDK. You’d need to do a lot of configuration by hand that the Linux and Docker artifacts do for you.

Just to prove to myself it’s possible, I tried the “min” distribution and the Corretto 15 JVM. Unzipping them side by side, I can fire up a (totally not configured for production) node with:

C:\opensearch\jdk15.02_7\bin\java.exe -Dopensearch -Dopensearch.path.home="C:\opensearch\opensearch-1.0.0" -Dopensearch.path.conf="C:\opensearch\opensearch-1.0.0\config" -cp "C:\opensearch\opensearch-1.0.0\lib\*" "org.opensearch.bootstrap.OpenSearch"

And voila!

One more small note on what an actual Windows installer (MSI) could do vs. a manual deployment is install OpenSearch as a service, properly set permissions for everything, and support both uninstalling and upgrading.

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A quick update: we are now able to build both a native Windows zip on Windows and cross-platform on *nix. Some work remains to produce something shippable, but the biggest barriers have been knocked off, and smaller work items remain, including replacing sh scripts by bat files, and raising the bar for quality by running tests on native windows in all components. See [Meta] OpenSearch / OpenSearch Dashboards - Windows distribution (X64) · Issue #33 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub for details and how you can help.

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Apologies for the delay here, Windows distribution work is currently InProgress as reflected by the Distributions Roadmap. While a lot of tasks have been completed (thanks to @dblock), we are hashing out the remaining work to get this out of the door soon.

For those interested, we are also seeking feedback on some of the requirements and design aspects for OpenSearch/Dashboards Windows distribution and would love to hear your thoughts on - [Discuss] OpenSearch/Dashboards Windows Distribution Design Document · Issue #2312 · opensearch-project/opensearch-build · GitHub