Users unable to save queries

Hello, I have opendistro set up with kibana 7.0.1 and LDAP authentication. Everything is working great except for users can’t save queries. What permissions do I need to assign to a role to enable users to save queries?

Greetings - - going to bump this - b/c I am having an issue finding this right/privilege also - - Best Regards

@daleatav If you haven’t resolved this yet, can you confirm what version of odfe you are using?


I’m not sure, if it was already available in that version, but if you activate Audit Logs you get the missing privileges in a index called security-auditlog.


“kibana_all_write” permission resolved the problem.
Here is the part of my roles.yml config:


  • tenant_patterns:
    • “replace_to_your_tenant_name”
    • “kibana_all_write”

Hello, folks

I’m using AWS OpenSearch 1.1 (latest).
I’ve got the same issue.
I just wanna create a read-only user for my developers. But I’m unable to save queries - An error occurred while saving your query: without any additional details and recommendations.

Any ideas on what kind of permission should I add?
Is it should be Cluster permissions or Index permissions?

Here is my current role:

@okapko Hi!

I think to achieve what you are looking for best way will be to map this user to additional built in role “kibana_user”.

Also remove the tenancy limitation on the role mentioned above, as saving query requires write permission to the tenant in question (global_tenant in this case), and this permission is provided with kibana_user role.

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@Anthony Thanks a lot. I used opensearch_dashboards_user built-in role.
It’s working. Have a nice day!