Unable to login in user profile

Hi ,

I was create the user and role and mapping them with cluster and index permission , but unable to login to user profile , it show below images.

@sskm I’ve seen this issue before - usually it relates to not having the correct permissions. I’ve found the user roles docs to be helpful as a starting point.

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can you show permissions assigned in role? did you assigned “read, delete, index, manage” permissions to “.kibana*” indexes?

Strange, I am running 1.11.0 with keycloak openidc. I created the same role and added new user to it. Was able to login without problems. Can you check any errors in elasticsearch and kibana logs?


you should also enable the audit logs. They normally show me exactly which permissions/privileges are missing.


Hi Clifford ,

Please look into the below images which are given the permission level and suggestion me .

@sskm I usually get this message if I get redirected to security section of opendistro after login (url: localhost/app/opendistro_security). Can you check what is the url that you see after you login? If it’s not localhost/app/home, can you try to enter it manually and confirm the output?

Can you set tenant_pattern to “*” instead of global_tenant. What do you have in kibana.yml file for opendistro_security.multitenancy.tenants.preferred?