Unable to see user profile

Hi ,

unable to login in user profile , please tell where i have done mistake .

What version are you working with @sskm?

@sskm Can you elaborate on the issue? What do you mean by “unable to login in user profile”? Do you mean when you click on “view roles and identities”?


What URL have you tried to access? That role worked for me.

Maybe you’ve logged out when you were in the security module. When you logged back with the new user, it directed you back to the security module where the new user didn’t have access.

Try to use https://<kibana_IP_or_FQDN>:5601 or http://<kibana_IP_or_FQDN>:5601

Hi Anthony ,

I created the test user and i had given cluster level and index level permission , when i login into testuser profile ,it seen error above like .

Do you get the same when you log with and then navigate to devtool console?

Hi Pablo ,

This url working Good , Thanks Pablo

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