New user unable view dashboard

Hi all,

Please help. I’m stuck to create new user that can only view dashboards. This is what i’ve done

  1. Login as admin/admin.
  2. Creat new tenant = Support_Tenant
  3. Create new internal user
    username = support
  4. Create new Role
    Name = Support_Role
    Cluster Permission = Kibana_all_read
    Index Permission = *
    Tenant = Support_Tenant / Read Only
    Create dashboard (import from json)
    Maped User = support

When login as ‘support’, all visualization have ‘error’ on top left corner and have notification
**'Unable to update ui setting **
Request Failed with stataus code 403’

Hi @pbc3199

Have you tried to use the below in kibana.yml?

opendistro_security.readonly_mode.roles: [“read_only_role1”,“read_only_role2”]