Save query in read-only tenant

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch version - 2.5.0
Server OS - CentOS 8
Browser - Chrome/Firefox

Describe the issue:
I have created a role which has read-only access on a certain tenant (see screenshot). However, I would like the users assigned to this role to have the possibility to create saved queries, but I have not found any ways of making this happen; it’s probably not even possible to do that, so this is why am posting this question here. Is there any way of modifying these tupes of permission on a more granular level, so that I can enable write permissions just for saved queries?



Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

@ciuline As per documentation, only two permissions are available for the tenants - kibana_all_read and kibana_all_write. There are no more granular permissions available at the moment.