Tools or tips for calculating fields' contributions to index size

Good day! I’m working on optimizing index storage size and I’d like to learn what APIs are available, if any, for identifying the contributions of individual fields to the overall storage used by an index.

Elasticsearch has the _disk_usage API, is there anything similar in OpenSearch? Does anybody have any tips for specifically identifying areas of improvement for optimizing index disk usage? I’m aware of the Elasticsearch documentation on tuning templates. Thanks!

Never got any replies on this. Anybody have thoughts?

Hi @tlacuache - sorry you didn’t get a response. I wrote this blog entry a while back -

It talks about how you can change your mappings to be explicit or implicit, and how certain entries can be configured to be indexed, but not stored in the _source elements upon retrieval. There’s lots of options you can use there to configure how your indices eat.

In regards to APi calls, I think the _cat/indices?v call to the API should give you a generic readout of your index size. I’m afraid I haven’t made any specific calculations, so you might have to experiment on your own a little bit.