Practice of shards/indices sizing

I’m working an project that may introduce a large number of indices into an OpenSearch cluster.
I found that for ElasticSearch, there is a good doc: Size Your Shards, which gives some recommendations on the max number of indices/shards per GB heap.
I wondering if there is similar recommendation for OpenSearch? And there is big update in ElasticSearch 8.3, which seems having big improvement on max shard counts, see this doc change commit: Is there similar effort in OpenSearch? Basically I just want to see what’s the practice for OpenSearch.

Hi @fatcloud ,

AFAIK, the Elasticsearch recommendations (pre 8.3) still apply to OpenSearch. There are many ongoing efforts on improving OpenSearch cluster stability however there is no direct match to corresponding Elasticsearch’s “Fix Large Shard Count Scalability Issues” subject [1]

[1] Fix Large Shard Count Scalability Issues · Issue #77466 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub