Snaphot Management

Hello, I am new to Opensearch Dashboards, can not find snapshot management under stack management. Does not exist?

Hi @sukur55 !

I have just gone through this exercise myself, and I think I can help you. Snapshot management can be handled via the API if you want to do it manually - have a look at the documentation for such here: Get started - OpenSearch documentation

However, if you were to want to automate this process, this may be done a number of ways via the Index Policies menu under Index Management. This might be a bit different than what you’re used to.


My solution was creating a new Index Policy. I made two states - one called “Snapshotted”, and one called “NotSnapshotted”. “NotSnapshotted” is my initial state - I added an action for indices in this state to ‘Snapshot’ (you’ll see it on the dropdown for possible actions to take), and then an unconditional transition to the 'Snapshotted" state.

That was just one half - I had to add an action for the ‘Snapshotted’ state to return it to the ‘NotSnapshotted’ state, which was based on a Cron Expression. This way the only condition was time passing. You could set it to transition every 24 hours, every week, the first of every month, or whatever range/cadence you can configure using a cron expression (See Cron - OpenSearch documentation for a few examples)

I hope that gets you going in the right drection. There’s lots of creative things you can do with these features that you can add via the ‘actions’ section.

Please let me know if I’ve helped, and if you have any other questions I’m sure there’s other people here who could learn from our adventures.



Thank you Nate, for such detailed answer.This will definitely help, I also have seen that documentation. One last question I will check myself but maybe you already tried, does curator work with opensearch? because it was nice to take snapshots with it