How to make policy of snapshot?


From version, I found that “Adds snapshot operation to Index State Management,”.
However I cannot find UI or command documents of it.

How can I use it? or where can I find info about managing lifecycle of snapshot?

Hi, can you take a try of the snapshot operation like shown here

That shows how to manually generate a snapshot, but is there a way to configure a policy to do automated nightly snapshots? In the “other” elasticsearch, there is the “_ilm/policy” API that allows you to create a policy for doing automated snapshots. If there is an example of an automated snapshot policy, I’d love a pointer.

Are there plans to implement the a policy UI in Kibana?

Hello guys,
I am trying out opendistro Snapshot and restore feature. I have found the API documentation to take snapshots and restore as well. But nowhere I have seen how to automate this process like available in Elastic Stack. Also how can I apply lifecycle to snapshots so that they get deleted after several days. Is this feature available in Open distro as well? Can anyone help me with documentation.

opendistro elastic version -: 1.13.1

Thank you in advance

You can use snapshot operation in ISM.
But until 1.13.2, Opendistro seems only taking snapshot, it won’t delete snapshot automatically.
If you want ot delete snapshot automatically,try Curator with your own script.
It can delete snapshot by snapshot created time.

@mudboyzh thanks for your reply,

you suggested Curator for delete a snapshot. So I think you want to say Curator will be delete snapshot with particular scheduled time. let me clear If I want to keep latest 5 snapshot in my repository, than it’s possible with Curator.