How can i schedule snapshot on cluster?

I couldn’t fine a doc. would you help me?


As I understand you want to create snapshots of the indices may be on a daily basis or some other schedule.
Based on the storage you have access to like azure storage account , aws s3 or any shared file system, you will need to register that to opensearch. Now whatever you choose to use as storage for the snapshots there are ways to parse the storage account credentials to the opensearch keystore.
This is the important or difficult step , once you have a repository ( I.e the storage ) registered to opensearch, the rest is easy and on the UI for opensearch dashboards. Again it depends on the version of OPS and OPSD you are using, in the latest 2.2 you will get snapshot management in the menu itself but if you are on older versions then you will have to use rest api to create snapshots(May be automate that if you are on k8s).

So there are many steps. I would recommend you start by sharing the below details:

  1. What version of OPS and OPSD are you running?
  2. Where is your workload running? K8s, vms ?
  3. Are you on any cloud ?
  4. What storage are you planning to use?


Hi @savercrange - the latest release of OpenSearch Dashboards 2.2.1 includes a new “Snapshot Management” section where you can easily perform snapshot management via the GUI.

This will definitely make the task a little easier for you.