Removal of elastic branding


Open Distro version: 1.9.0
Kibana version: 7.8

I would like to kindly ask for help with removal of elastic branding from Kibana. I have been looking for materials and articles regarding this topic, however i was unable to find anything useful for version 7.8.

I am mostly interested in removal/change of (corresponding CSS classes inside parenthesis):

  • elastic favicon
  • elastic header icon (euiHeaderLogo_icon)
  • elastic loading icon
  • kibana sidenav icon (euilcon)

Thanks in advance.

I raised this issue when 1.8.0 came back out at the end of June. In July @bpavani said they had fixed the problem but weren’t sure how to deliver the fixes. Evidently, it didn’t make it into 1.9.0. @bpavani: Any update on this?

@virajph @bpavani Can one of you provide an update on this? Is the Elastic branding removed in the upcoming ODFE 1.10 release? Without the branding and the annoying “upgrade license” pop-ups removed, we are “stuck” on ODFE 1.7.

Thanks @GSmith We will get back to you soon.

Maybe some information from this topic can be usefully - Customizing the Kibana login page