ODFE 1.8.0 Release screens reference Elastic Kibana

The “spinning wheel” graphic in Kibana in ODFE 1.8.0 (displayed while Kibana is busy/thinking) refers to “Elastic Kibana”. That’s the text used for the browser tab name as well.

Also, at some point, I submitted a query and a pop-up appeared to telling me the query was taking a long time and suggested I might want to review my license options as well (“With an upgraded license, you can ensure requests have enough time to complete.”). I suspect that is a hold-over from the Elastic distribution of Kibana as well. When I clicked on the link, it returned me to the Kibana home page.

UPDATE: Hmmn, that dialog is appearing very frequently and I think it will confuse my end-users. If this can’t be fixed or, at least, disabled, I think this will prevent me from deploying this version.

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@ylwu @bpavani Can one of you open a bug on the appropriate development team for these issues? I wasn’t sure which project on GitHub would be the right one.

Also, any idea if these issues (especially the license dialog issue) might be addressed quickly with an incremental/minor (1.8.1?) release or if we’d have to wait for the next major (1.9.0) release?

UPDATE: I managed to grab a screenshot of the license dialog:

Just confirm there are two issues here

one is “Elastic Kibana” need to replace

another is adhoc license dialog?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks @huan

Thanks @GSmith for raising this issue.

@huan and our team are looking into this. We will get back to you soon.


we have addressed both problem.

will leave to @bpavani for answer which release will pickup
this change.

Thanks @huan! I appreciate the quick work to fix these issues.

Hi guys,

This issue is back in version 1.9.0


@bpavani @virajph @huan Can one of you clarify whether this is going to be fixed in 1.10.0? It has a direct impact on how soon some of us can move away from 1.7.0 and take advantage of all of the cool new things introduced since then (i.e. 1.8, 1.9, 1.10?).

@GSmith I am the product manager for Kibana and will get back to you soon.

Hi Everyone-

Closing the loop on this. Elastic has removed the pop-up/toast referenced in this thread in OSS Kibana 7.10 (see https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/75385). This version of Kibana will be included in an upcoming release of Open Distro.


Sadly, I must re-open the loop on this. :frowning_face: As shown in this screenshot, the pop-up suggesting you explore other license options still appears in ODFE 1.11.0.
ODFE_1.11.0_license_Popup .

Although the summary posted at the top of the pull request you cited does suggest the pop-up would be removed, subsequent comments in the lengthy thread indicate that the developers chose to implement a time-out setting that would prevent it popping up in some cases instead. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear exactly what the name of the setting is that controls this or where to set it and the setting may actually be an x-pack-only option.

If the pop-up can’t be suppressed completely in ODFE, it would be nice if the text and button were made more ODFE-specific and/or customizable.

I’ll also point out that what I believe is the Elastic corporate logo (multiple color balls all glommed together) appears as the browser tab favicon, as an icon along the top of the Kibana screen and as the the little spinning wheel image that comes up while Kibana is “thinking” sometimes. In the last case, the text below it says “Loading Elastic”. And, the Observability and Security panels on the Kibana home screen all lead to information about Elastic offerings including various *beats and, even the Elastic Cloud offering.

@gsmith Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.11.0 uses Kibana 7.9.1 (same as version 1.10.1). The fix is due in Kibana 7.10. (ODFE 1.12, IIRC). The settings are outlined in issue 75321.

As for the Elastic logo, etc. - that’s another issue. I know that there has been conversations about what can be done but I don’t think a strategy has been chosen at the moment.