Change top left Elastic logo on Opendistro kibana

hello team, how can I change the top left elasic logo in opendistro, I want to use my logo here. please help me.


Welcome @Teky!

Long story, short, there isn’t a great way to do this in Open Distro. It’s a long requested thing by many folks.

Good news is that the new forks are debranded by default and you can add your own branding. Bad news, the forks are not ready yet and likely won’t be production-ready in the near term, but at least there is a pathway going forward.

Already on my list of issues to open for the new fork… get rid of that whole top bar, not just the logo. It is just a big waste of screen real estate.


Making the bar removable is a good idea. The new fork is live! Want to open an issue for changing the logo and maybe another one for removing the bar altogether? Thanks!


I’ve opened this issue to track this request: [Enhancement] Redesign global header · Issue #569 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub - The UX team is exploring redesigning the global header to accomodate these requests.

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Is there any solution to replace or remove the elasticsearch logo at bar.

Check out this proposal:

Hello @searchymcsearchface ,
Is there any timeline proposed or any targeted image version of kibana on which this implementation would be added ?

It’s not decided but it won’t be the next couple of releases (1.0.1 nor 1.1.0). 1.2.0 at the earliest.

i am following the guide at Custom branding - OpenSearch documentation for the custom branding but I am getting below error.

/osdash_branding/opensearch-dashboards# k logs -f osbranding-opensearch-dashboards-7f57cdf89c-5jhgt
{“type”:“log”,“@timestamp”:“2022-02-08T06:59:34Z”,“tags”:[“info”,“plugins-service”],“pid”:1,“message”:“Plugin "visTypeXy" is disabled.”}
{“type”:“log”,“@timestamp”:“2022-02-08T06:59:35Z”,“tags”:[“fatal”,“root”],“pid”:1,“message”:“{ ValidationError: child "opensearchDashboards" fails because ["branding" is not allowed]\n at Object.exports.process (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/node_modules/joi/lib/errors.js:196:19)\n at internals.Object._validateWithOptions (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/node_modules/joi/lib/types/any/index.js:675:31)\n at module.exports.internals.Any.root.validate (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/node_modules/joi/lib/index.js:146:23)\n at Config._commit (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:146:34)\n at Config.set (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:117:10)\n at Config.extendSchema (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:89:10)\n at _lodash.default.each.child (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:79:14)\n at arrayEach (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/node_modules/lodash/lodash.js:530:11)\n at Function.forEach (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/node_modules/lodash/lodash.js:9410:14)\n at Config.extendSchema (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:78:30)\n at new Config (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:69:10)\n at Function.withDefaultSchema (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/legacy/server/config/config.js:63:12)\n at LegacyService.setupLegacyConfig (/usr/share/opensearch-dashboards/src/core/server/legacy/legacy_service.js:84:43) name: ‘ValidationError’ }”}

Is it disabled?

@persi What version are you using?

I am using opensearch dashboard version 1.2.0

You should open an issue in the Dashboards repo and make sure to post as much of the config as you can.