Change kibana logo

I try to find a way to customize the kibana logo. All the guides for kibana distribuited from elastic points to paths that doesn’t exists on opendistro kibana. Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance

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Perhaps updating Kibana Custom Branding plugin to support ODFE would help …

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@amorsa could you please share the process if you were able to change the Opendistro Kibana logo with opendistro plugins installed.


You may want to check out this earlier posting on the same topic:

Note the links to the SearchGuard documentation in my response that may be helpful as well.

Thank you @GSmith opendistro_security.basicauth.login.brandimage is working only for URL.

can I define path of branding image stored in local repository as below?

opendistro_security.basicauth.login.brandimage: /opt/kibana/config/logo/logo3x2.jpg

I believe you should be able to refer to it via a URL using the file protocol instead of HTTP, something like this: file://opt/kibana/config/logo/logo3x2.jpg
But I suspect you can’t use an absolute file path and probably have to use a path relative to kibana root directory.

@GSmith , tried with file protocol and Kibana config directory as below. it isn’t working. any suggestions on directory path for it to work.

opendistro_security.basicauth.login.brandimage: “file://opt/kibana/config/logo3x2.jpg”
opendistro_security.basicauth.login.brandimage: “logo3x2.jpg”

Thank you

I don’t see how you can use a file URI unless your browser is running on the same machine that is hosting kibana.

I have an answer on how to use a relative URL for brandimage in Branding the logo and favicons. It doesn’t look like you are using docker container but I’m sure there’s an equivalent location in your linux installation that will allow the kibana server to fetch your logo based on a relative path.