Proper way of setting up shared dashboards / visualizations

Hi, Im a bit confused when it comes to sharing the same pool of dashboards and visualizations.
We are a team of people each wanting to modify and share the same dashboards. What is the best practice for setting this up properly?

Hello rmy !
The best practice, in my opinion, is to use either the default global tenant or use a custom tenant that you give Read&Write rights to all users you wish to be able to modify the visualizations and dashboards.


Ok, so there is really no way of having different users get access and modify a common set of dashboards?

Yes the way is through the tenants, if the tenants are shared, the saved objects are shared so you can modify the same dashboards/visualizations.


Ah, yes, of course. Thanks.

Glad I helped.

Don’t forget to give the adequates rights on indexes to every users sharing same visualizations.