How to create new users sharing same configs than admin?


I was working with an admin user,creating special searches and dashboards; even modifying the “home” button to link to a initial navigation dashboard, etc.
But I cannot find the way to create new users with different permissions (like read only), that has access to the configuration I made for the admin user…

Anyone can help me with a little guide about?
I want to create new users that has same initial configuration of dashboards and patterns by default, like the admin user.


My problem seems to be that I created the dashboards and config using “private” admin tenant. I don’t know how to do for allowing other users to view that dashboards and indices…

@xuann The private tenant where it seems you created all the dashboards is only for admin user, There doesn’t appear to be a way to copy these objects to a new tenant. You would need to either create these on global tenant (accessible to all), or create a new custom tenant and give new users permission to access that tenant.