Operations & Project Health Meeting - 2024-04-18

Strengthen the OpenSearch project by addressing maintenance and health opportunities that can enable more contributions.

Scope: Health is a broad spectrum that includes security, developer experience, maintainer experience, quality and usability standards, documentation, community wellness and safety.

Date: Thurs, April 18, 2024
Time: 09:00 AM PT (UTC -7)

Agenda setting:

  • This is a bi-weekly meeting with topics nominated publicly or spilled from the previous meeting.
  • If you have a topic you would like discussed, please comment below
  • At the end, if there is time, we can discuss other topics.

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Meeting Minutes:




  • API Breaking changes v1 check needs a v2 version

Repo of the Week: Documentation

  • Added first external maintainer, meet in a conference and asked then to contribute more.
  • Q: Is there anything going well that you don’t see metrics on?
  • Only a couple of maintainers are performing PR reviews, going to create a new channel in the OpenSearch slack.
  • Review process: Starts with tech review, documentation review by writer, then editorial review.
    • Seeing bottlenecks around documentation review step, looking to open this up more broadly.
    • Tech vs Doc review staging can create complexity, need to tag folks in.
  • Opening up training for writing standards, maybe have a certification process - is that what a maintainer?
  • In the past 6 months asking for contributions has helped increased the contribution rate.
  • Documentation team process improvements by @peterzhu, makes deploying documentation to all versions much easier (19 backport targets and growing) . GitHub App in development to help improve backporting automation.
  • @craigperkins Back and forth with docs team - speedy and useful
  • @dblock OpenSearch API specification recent changes request for review GitHub - opensearch-project/opensearch-api-specification: API specification for OpenSearch
  • @Hasini Plugin templates were update to include more specific, more examples

RFC Discussion

Open Discussion

Wheel Spin

  • SQL