Operations & Project Health Meeting - 2024-03-07

Strengthen the OpenSearch project by addressing maintenance and health opportunities that can enable more contributions.

Scope: Health is a broad spectrum that includes security, developer experience, maintainer experience, quality and usability standards, documentation, community wellness and safety.

Date: Thurs, March 7, 2024
Time: 09:00 AM PT (UTC -7)

Agenda setting:

  • This is a bi-weekly meeting with topics nominated publicly or spilled from the previous meeting.
  • If you have a topic you would like discussed, please comment below
  • At the end, if there is time, we can discuss other topics.

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Meeting ID: 889 2747 8240
Passcode: 760208

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Here’s the tentative agenda for tomorrows meeting:

  • Meeting Introduction
  • Wins / Misses
    • Get everyone’s feedback
  • Wheel’spun repo
    • Who they are, what repo they manage, metrics they want to share
  • RFC showcase
    • Go over RFC abstract
  • Topic for discussion (Recommended to have an issue/forum entry)
    • Get recommendation
  • Select volunteers for the next meeting
  • Wheel spin to select repo for next week - https://pickerwheel.com/pw?id=2wFY8
  • Closing discussion
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3/7 Meeting Notes:

Consider meeting marketing, only 4 attendees
Introduction of the meeting, using this time as dry run.
Showcase wheel spin

  • Note; wheel does not contain all possibilities
  • Note; participates might not be present need to factor that in



  • 2.12 release
    • Manual sign off was needed for vast majority of components
    • Not enough test coverage in core (concurrent search, s3 plugin)
    • Core flaky tests have little traction


Deep Dive

Digging in on feature work in OpenSearch’s core repo

What would area if improved could have the most positive impact?
Flaky test cases

Good engagement with the documentation team

Looking into the remote searchable store tickets. The issues are hard to reproduce to engage on. “A flaky test is another opportunity to work on issues that are hard to reproduce”.

Sometimes tests fail because of the test, but other times it is that because there are large components that are untested or have non-deterministic behavior.

Component area boundaries don’t help with the underlying issue that tests with failures are unmaintained.

Anyone else can come fix or address issues.

How easy is it to fix a flaky test? Many of these are very hard.
What can be built to make it easier to fix them?

Can we name and shame areas that are impacting us, maybe leverages reports GitHub - peternied/contribution-rate

What kind of bounties could be made available for resolvers of flaky tests? Elastic has a program to award points and then rewards - symbolic prizes. Maintainership is one kind of reward, but maybe this can be augmented.

Contributors motivation might be modified by bounties.

Follow up

  • Flaky Tests / Bounties - @wbeckler
  • Highlighting contributions - @bbarani
  • Wheel spin selected Neural search
  • Next meeting in 2 weeks - discuss frequency of this meeting @wbeckler

great work @peternied @bbarani @wbeckler!