Operations & Project Health Meeting - 2024-05-30

Strengthen the OpenSearch project by addressing maintenance and health opportunities that can enable more contributions.

Scope: Health is a broad spectrum that includes security, developer experience, maintainer experience, quality and usability standards, documentation, community wellness and safety.

Date: Thurs, May 30, 2024
Time: 09:00 AM PT (UTC -7)

Agenda setting:

  • This is a bi-weekly meeting with topics nominated publicly or spilled from the previous meeting.
  • If you have a topic you would like discussed, please comment below
  • At the end, if there is time, we can discuss other topics.

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We need someone to volunteer and update the test documentation for running individual tests, as this was called out not working by one of the community members.

Thanks for calling this out, could you create an issue in the OpenSearch repo to get this updated?

@getsaurabh02 - were you able to open the issue in the OpenSearch repo? Can you post a link here? thanks

Here is the issue: [Testing Doc Update] Verify and update the test documentation in Core if "Test case filtering" instruction is outdated · Issue #14014 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub

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