Operations & Project Health Meeting - 2024-05-02

Strengthen the OpenSearch project by addressing maintenance and health opportunities that can enable more contributions.

Scope: Health is a broad spectrum that includes security, developer experience, maintainer experience, quality and usability standards, documentation, community wellness and safety.

Date: Thurs, May 02, 2024
Time: 09:00 AM PT (UTC -7)

Agenda setting:

  • This is a bi-weekly meeting with topics nominated publicly or spilled from the previous meeting.

  • If you have a topic you would like discussed, please comment below

  • At the end, if there is time, we can discuss other topics.

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Meeting ID: 889 2747 8240
Passcode: 760208

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  • OpenSearch 1.3.16 Release
  • OpenSearch Con North America 2024 announced [link]
  • OpenSearch Benchmark Release 1.5.0 [link]
  • [RFC] Roadmap Proposal [link]
  • Terraform provider v2.2.1
  • Kubernetes Operator v2.6.0
  • OpenSearch Con EU 2024 next week


  • Released with Prometheus broken
  • OpenSearch core flaky test on the rise

Repo of the Week


RFC / Open Discussion

Looking for RFCs? GitHub Query

  • [RFC] Roadmap Proposal [link]
  • Decoupling Plugins from OpenSearch
    • [RFC] Cloud Native SQL Plugin #13274
    • [RFC] Data Access Object Interface for Metadata Store #13336
  • Is there interest in creating an RFC around getting more contributors maintainers?
    • Good first issue tag is useful
    • CONTRIBUTING.md to provide guidance for how to start, maybe this can be improved.
    • Identify curriculum to get started, maybe find some OpenSearch centric videos, or community videos.
  • Some repositories have workflows where multiple approval phases
    • Editorial approval
    • OpenJDK has a pool of reviews and committers role. Reviews cannot merge - but they can approve/request changes. Commits are the ones that can merge.
    • CODEOWNERS can be used to to help. There are ways to customize ownership areas [link]
  • OpenAPI spec for OpenSearch is a powerful tool. [link]