OpenSearch Re-Brand

You might notice a few things looking a tad different around here and on - I’m pleased to share with you our new logos and branding.

A few notes:

Next steps:

  • We will eventually move this forum off of “” and on to a subdomain of I’m in no big hurry to do this as it will likely cause some disruption and it’s a cosmetic change only. You will get advanced notice.
  • Open Distro’s site will forward to after we move all the content from the blog and downloads page over to Open Distro downloads will still be avaliable as an archive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out or if you want to contribute to the website, check out the github repo.


Want to give a call out to @kvngar (one of our excellent UX engineers) for his excellent work on the brand package. You should do brand work as a side hustle!