Announcement: Forum URL change

Welcome to the new home of the OpenSearch project forum!

UPDATE: We will be changing the forum URL on Thursday, April 28th at 3PM PT. The new URL will be
Be sure to update your bookmarks.

Hello OpenSearch community.

We’re exploring updates to better serve the community. The first goal is to change the URL for the forums.

The forums were originally launched and structured for OpenDistro, then somewhat retrofitted for OpenSearch as the project grew. Now, we’ve been operating under an outdated URL, and we want to bring the forum under the same URL as the rest of the project -

A couple of things to point out as we work towards the timing of this change:

  • We plan to do a URL redirect; allowing older embedded links to* to route to the approriate* URL
  • If your login is saved to your favorite browser, once the URL change occurs you will need to login again

The current time frame we’re working towards is mid-April. We will keep this post updated as things progress and the final decision on the new URL is ready.

As always, feedback is welcome.

thank you