Opensearch Notebooks - Date format

Hi community members,
I have try to create an index template for mapping differrent date format properties to the .opensearch-notebooks index in order to change the date format of the notebooks layout, in the fields highlighted (Created, visualization date range) in the image below:

However .opensearch-notebooks mapping properties (createdTimeMs, lastUpdatedTimeMs) do not correspond to the targeted fields. This setting can be especially useful for users who need to display local date.

OK - so you’re looking for alternate date format or time zone?

Hi Kyle, I’m looking to display an alternate date format.

You can change the date format by going to Stack Management > Advanced Settings > Date Format

Is this the right format to display the day first? DD MMM, YYYY @ HH:mm:ss.SSS.
For some reason changes doesn’t applied.

Is it possible to add current date in a notebook by any known method (visualization, code block)?
I’ve used sql query ( SELECT curdate() as date FROM _all LIMIT 1) but can you recommend a more elegant way?

AHHH. This is a question about notebooks not the reporting feature (as indicated by the category). It doesn’t appear that notebooks is obeying the date formatting feature (reports does). I think this deserves an issue - feel free to add context here: