Generating a CSV report for a Saved search returns a plain text file with 10000 newlines and no data

I have been trying to generate CSV file reports from saved searches with a few specific columns selected. The report job appears to complete successfully but no matter what I do it only returns a file with 10001 empty lines.

I tried to enable debug logging for the reporting feature, but apparently it doesn’t log anything at all.

I can second this. I’m also getting the same issue. I’m not sure if that is the case as for some reason (even the date is defined absolute on the source search it always says e.g. Time period: Last a day).

To reproduce it:

  • create a simple search with some specific fields and change the date to be absolute between two days.
  • Go to Reporting → Create report definition → go the repots and open it up – it will refresh the date to a default one e.g. in 15 minutes.

Any idea how to resolve this?

whats the version of odfe?
i believe a old version of odfe had a bug that it could not export fields that contain “.”.

We’re running 1.13.2, the last release before it got rebranded into OpenSearch.

So you mean that the reporting doesn’t work if there is any nesting of fields at all? Might as well be completely broken then as I was under the impression that this pretty much were a best practice in setting up keys…