Discover: Different datetime fields with different timezone

Hi all,

We are using OpenSearch 1.1.0 (the AWS managed version) in order to collect applicative logs.

A single log record contains different Timezone fields:

  • timestamp_local (ex. the time formatted with Europe/Rome timezone)
  • timestamp_utc (the time formatted in UTC)
   "timestamp_local" : "2022-07-12T10:57:21.201+02:00",
   "timestamp_utc" : "2022-07-12T08:57:21.201Z",

When I search records through the “Dev Tools” functionality or by calling the Opensearch APIs, I see these time fields with the right values. Instead, when I search records through the “Discover” functionality, I see that all these time fields are automatically formatted in UTC.

Is there a way to show the original time fields also with Discover functionality?

Thank you