Problem with timezone w/ opensearch-dashboards

I’m so confusing about timezone with Opensearch.
I’m in France (UTC+2H), with a browser in English or in French depend of users.

If I index some datas at 10:00 (UTC+2), data showing in discover view will be displayed with +2 hours.
If I force settings (in opensearch-dashboards) to UTC, I see correct hour BUT opensearch-dashboard search engine, when I use relative time, show me range between 6 and 8 if I use filter last 2 hours in place of 8 and 10.

any way to force UTC to all view in opensearch-dashboards ?


Hi @jacquesh,
what setting do you mean you set in OpenSearch Dashboards?
You ment the Setting Stack Management → Advanced Settings → Timezone for date formatting?
If yes, i just configured my Home Lab to use the UTC Timezone and if i search relative i find the Logs in the right Time range.
Could you please share some Screenshots which describes what Problem you have?
It is fine if you mask the unnecessary fields like the log message.