Opensearch integration with Apache Echarts

Hi there. I am considering integrating OpenSearch with other dashboard services like Apache Echarts. However, I haven’t found any related documentation. Is it possible to make such integration. Thanks

Hey Edu, I’m a little confused by what you mean. Can you help me understand what the problem you are facing is?

Apache Echarts is a charting library that dashboarding services use under the hood to render visualizations. It is not a dashboard by itself. There is a similar library in OpenSearch Dashboards called vega-lite that’s similar to Echarts that can render charts similar to echarts. But judging by the question I think you are asking about something else.

Hi ashwinpc, many thanks for reaching out.

Yes. I am using OpenSearch Dashboards and I am a bit limited by the chart options provided by default as well as the general layout. I was thinking of using an alternative library that enabled me to use different types of charts (for example but not restricted to treemaps or sankey plots), more customised and with a different layout. Is this something Vega (or Vegalite) could handle?

Sorry for the late reply @Edu, but yes Vega lite is exactly what you are looking for.