Opensearch-dashboards plugin: transform plugin

Just to inform that the transform plugin from PhaedrusTheGreek/transform_vis then GitHub - gwintzer/transform_vis: Transform Visualization for Kibana has been ported (as is) to Opensearch-dashboards (tested with 1.1.0).
More info here:
This plugin allows to display custom visualisations form Google charts or any other JS lib for example or your d3js chart.


That’s awesome! That would be a great item to add to the community projects page:

Pull request created: Add Opensearch-dashboards plugin to Community projects page by lguillaud · Pull Request #425 · opensearch-project/project-website · GitHub
Thanks for your interest.

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Awesome! Thanks - I’ll review it shortly.

Just reviewed readme file and added samples:

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Transform plugin release 1.2.0 released:

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Transform plugin release 2.4.0 released: .
This plugin allows you to add any custom visualisation to OpenSearch-Dashboards (google charts for example).