Template for service page featured in trace analytics

Dear Sir/Madam

I am new to the OpenSearch dashboard product and would like some guidance as to developing a custom plugin for OpenSearch Dashboard.

I have a requirement to develop an interface with the equivalent facilities available in the Services form on the Trace Analysis https://github.com/opensearch-project/observability/tree/af54d6afad70c208b986aa28f840cdb325daac7f/dashboards-observability/public/components/trace_analytics for OpenSearch Dashboard.

Could a representative from OpenSearch dashboard please reach out to me to answer a few questions on the development of the plugin?


Hi @jpb1981 - I’ll see if I can’t find something more specific for you, but in the meantime, here’s a good blog article written over on logz.io that walks through the basics:

All of the source code for all of the plugins are also available on our github repository -


WAs there a specific aspect of plugin development that I could help you get in contact with a developer about? Sounds like you’re going to build something cool!