Want to create OSD plugin, which call msearch api's internally

OSD 2.4.X
Want to create plugins which call msearch api internally
How can i use visualise and dashboard components internally in the external plugin

Any sample plugin to start with

Hello @vvvprabhakar - I wonder if the information in this blog post would be helpful for you:

@kris Thats a good primer for OpenSearch plugins. @vvvprabhakar is looking for resources on Dashboards.

You can take a look at this blog post i wrote a while ago: Introduction to OpenSearch Dashboard Plugins · OpenSearch

It also has steps on how to create a plugin and how to build it and run it. The example plugins in the repo are also a good source of information about how to build plugins.

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I am looking for opensearch-dashboards plugins
But now i found the solution built it

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@vvvprabhakar Cool! Is it something you can share with the community?