OpenSearch Heartbeat Dashboard

Hello. Everyone.
Do you know uptime dashboard? That is Elastic Demos.
But I have only this old version GitHub - elastic/uptime-contrib: Contrib repository for Elastic Uptime.
Is there any one to help me?

Hello @David - welcome to the community!

We do not have a current heartbeat dashboard right now.
I would encourage you to open an Issue against the Dashboards repo: GitHub - opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards: 📊 Open source visualization dashboards for OpenSearch. - this way the community will be able to talk needs and scope for it.

thank you

I don’t get this @kris why would we want to make a dashboard in the OpenSearch product for a non-open source technology like Heartbeat. These dashboards are packaged with the solutions.

Step 4: Set up the Kibana dashboards | Heartbeat Reference [6.8] | Elastic

Here are the docs to install them. Naturally since this is Elastic they are going to continue to break these and make them incompatible with open source technologies as they have been doing with all *beats for the last 6 months. I don’t see why we would want to support this in an open source project.

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@jkowall Thanks for the follow-up! I think what Kris was asking for is an issue around the specific feature ask (e.g. the specific need) to discuss options, scope, considerations, etc. I don’t think he was advocating for building integrations for specific uptime or heartbeat products.

Based on initial prompt, my guess is the the ask is for a uptime, Heartbeat-esque solution but the initial question is a bit unclear. @David can you clarify what you’re needing?

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yes, thanks for the clarification @ahoppity - apologies if my communication was unclear @jkowall

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And I agree here. We should be very mindful of future stability and open source availability. From my understanding, I think the distinction is Heartbeat allows you to check if services are reachable rather than simple up or down (a la Metricbeat)? @jkowall do you happen to know if Fluentd has something like this? Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with this flavor of uptime monitoring.

Heartbeat doesn’t do full synthetic, it’s essentially up down by checking a single page. Going back to metricbeat, once again this is another closed source product we shouldn’t rely on. To do basic/up down I would be using Prometheus with the black box exporter that does this: prometheus/blackbox_exporter: Blackbox prober exporter (

Now if we could get AWS to work on Prometheus support in OpenSearch dashboards we’d be in great shape for the future. Today you need to use Grafana to analyze and alert on Prometheus data.